Trinity Hall June Event: Marmalade Skies

Attending a June Event as a "graduated adult" was always going to be a strange experience. I hadn't endured the academic rollercoaster that is three terms »

Pembroke May Ball: Elemental: Revel in the Fourfold Roots of Everything

I commence with a copout. I don't pretend to be able to speak for everybody. But I think the success of a ball depends on how »

Introducing the 2015 (Dream) Team

For two years, I would always post Facebook posts referring to "we" at WhichMayBall, inviting you to contact "us" at Confession time »

Selwyn Snowball 2014 Review

“Milo you should probably wear a coat to the snowball or you’ll freeze.” “Nah, there’s bird sh*t on my coat, my black tie »

Fitzwilliam Winter Ball 2014 Review

Here at WhichMayBall, we stand for the truth. Ok, we stand for an easy source of ball dates, prices and rumours, but the truth is definitely »