Introducing the 2015 (Dream) Team

For two years, I would always post Facebook posts referring to "we" at WhichMayBall, inviting you to contact "us" at

Confession time: I was running WhichMayBall by myself, and alluding to some sort of "team" was a nice way of covering up the fact I spent far too many late nights working on the site alone. (Spot the CompSci)

Anyway, I've now graduated and don't have time to manage the site on a day-to-day basis, so David Roper - YouTube sensation, stud muffin, and all-round bantersaurus rex - has been running it since September, and has done an absolutely cracking job so far. If you don't believe me, check out the first WhichMayBall Session he produced back in October.

I'm happy with everything WMB has achieved so far, but I reckon we (yes, we!) are capable of bigger and better things, and so it gives me great pleasure to introduce three new members of the team!

Oliver Jenkins

Hi, I’m Oli, a first year Arabist at Fitzwilliam College. I’ll be working on the non-technical side of WhichMayBall this year, which includes curating the Facebook and Twitter feeds, working with local businesses in Cambridge on the advertising side, and helping to promote student-musicians in Cambridge with WhichMayBall Sessions.

Hopefully, I can help make WhichMayBall an even better and more useful resource than it already is for everyone in the Cambridge community over the next year!

Sebastian Borgeaud

Hi, I’m Sebastian, or Seb for friends, a first year student at Fitzwilliam College studying Computer Science. In my free time I like to play sports; I play football for the best team in Cambridge, the Fitzwilliam Thirds, and badminton for the college team as well. I also like to spend time with my friends and to go out (Yes, I am a computer science student who goes out and has friends :P)

Together with George, we'll be redesigning the website and adding some cool features, that will make all of you love this website even more. These changes are being made as we speak, so watch this space!

George Ash

Hi, I'm George, a first year computer scientist at Fitz. Seb and I are working on some sweet new features for the site, which should be rolling out this term. You can look forward to a redesign and some Facebook integration to help make choosing May Balls much, much easier. Any problems or queries, you can contact me:

And because we're self-indulgent, here's a little bit about David and myself...

David Roper

Hi I’m David, I’m a 3rd year Materials Scientist at Fitz, and I’ll be managing the non-technical aspects of WhichMayBall. This is likely to include sourcing musicians, sound production and running sessions recordings, acting as a go-between for committees and the site, and focusing on increasing WhichMayBall’s potential in general.

We’re all working hard to keep everyone updated for May Week 2015 – as always, if you don’t know which ball to go to...there’s a website for that.

James McAulay

The story is simple. I got frustrated by the lack of information available when planning my May Week in second year, so aggregated all of the dates and prices into a simple website, spent a fiver on a domain name, then put it online.

That little website snowballed into something fairly big, and now I have a team, which is awesome. Building WMB from the ground up helped me decide that a traditional graduate job simply wasn't for me, so I joined EF as soon as I had graduated and am now utterly obsessed with Encore, a platform helping musicians get more gigs.